About Me

JG head shot

I hope you enjoy my thoughts and photos. Detroit is my birthplace and the urban imprint that shapes my sense of place wherever I go. I’m a product of Ruth and Clifford Griffiths and the Motor City. I feel most at home in working class neighborhoods and with just plain folks.  I feel most comfortable with those that share the understanding of what it’s like to punch-in-and-punch-out of the workday, create a home that reflects their pride of accomplishment, build meaningful relationships based on mutual love and trust, and to standby family and friends out of necessity.

I have nothing against those who prefer a gated community and live off the benefits provided by the labor of others.  I would just hope that at some point they realize those seemingly protective gates actually imprison them.  Their sense of security is often derived by remaining removed from those folks who labor for them.  I’m grateful for those who make capital investments so people like myself can derive a substantive living.  But growing up in a factory town, the son of a PBX Operator and a policeman, has allowed me to see the world through the eyes of those folks who struggle for a security for the most part dependent on daily circumstances.

Beyond the typical “Hello, how are ya?” greetings of my hometown memories, there was always the follow-up, “How’s work?”  This wasn’t prompted by the need to make small talk.  It was prompted by the underlying hope that you had a job.   Otherwise, hope was hard to come by.