Being Male

It’s nice to be the privileged gender. It has a bunch of benefits. I’m not gloating. I had nothing to do with it. My parents started the whole thing and I’ve managed to maintain it. It’s like being born rich, after a while you take it for granted. Being male came naturally for me so I don’t usually give it much thought. In fact, I had second thoughts about writing this.

At times, I question the good fortune of being male. Being on the top tier of anything is difficult. Life under a patriarchy is harsh enough, but being part of the ruling class brings risks. No, this isn’t where the woe-is-me starts. I have no complaints. It’s enough to have shared in the soap operas, periodic cramps, and nine months of excess estrogen to know being female is not for me. I have nothing against guys who think they should be. There are always defectors, just as there are wannabes. Beyond physical distinctions, gender is just a state of mind, anyway.

There’s no debate. Men are expected to be the stronger gender. Money and power are perfumes for us. They’re the scent of strength and success. That’s how we keep one another in check. Once you have these two fists, you welcome any fight. When you’re male, aspiring to superiority and wealth just makes sense.

It’s also true that being male can be boring. Maybe that’s why many men aren’t very interesting. At least that’s what many women say. Although, I think this is part of the natural selection process. To be female is too weed out the losers. A male with merit stands a chance of being transformed into whatever a female sees in him. It’s the fate that most males fight. But I suspect that most males realize they can’t do it alone.

In essence, being male is about not being female. I can list all the attributes of every female I’ve known and still not comprehend their gender. The same, of course, holds true for any female. Each gender is dependent on the other for their identity. What we are is also what we are not. What has being male done for me? In as many ways as it made my life easier, it made my life more difficult. The grass isn’t greener, girls. It’s artificial turf.